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Reg # x4218181

Shorthorn bulls for sale at Kaper Cattle Co.

The dam of this calf will have her 3rd calf before she turns 4 this spring.  With this calf she weaned 56% of her own bodyweight actual at 205 days with no creep.  Her dam is still active at 9 years and has a lifetime calving interval of 352 days.

Reg # x4218184

Shorthorn bulls for sale at Kaper Cattle Co.

The dam of this calf was a first calf heifer weaning 57% of her own bodyweight at 205 days actual no creep.  She now has a 348 day calving interval with her second calf.  Her dam is still active at 7 years with a 359 day lifetime calving interval.  All four grandparents in the pedigree of this calf descend from Pacer Performance Dams bred here.


Frame score 6.0
Adj. wght. 1076 LBS
REA 11.25
IMF 4.0 [low choice]
Fat .26

All data achieved on a low energy high roughage diet.
Top 1% of the breed for calving ease.

From 450,000 acre mega ranches to small mini farms, Kaper bulls are working in herds from coast to coast.  Several new herds have been started with foundation females from Kapers’ and established breeders have augmented their programs with breeding stock purchased here.  We always have an excellent selection of breeding stock available for sale.